1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching Services


How to become a client and start you 1 on 1 sessions?

Simply type in your name and email address below and someone will email you back to get started.  It’s that  simple!


This online based coaching session is completely FREE!

What part of your life needs improvement?

Coping Skills,  Depression,  Stress,  Anxiety and Fears,  Weight Loss,  Body Positivity,  Health and Wellness,  Stigmas Surrounding Mental Illness,  Grief,  Dating Someone with a Mental Illness,  Parenting an adult with Mental Illness,  Life Passion,  Losing a Job After Mental Breakdown,  and Life Issues


Why is it FREE?

There is a mental health crisis and not everyone has access or the resources to get the help they need.  This is by no means a substitute for therapy.  This is just helpful to most people who have no one to speak with about their daily issues. Please feel free to Donate. If you know how it is to not have anyone to talk to even though there are many people around please help keep this service free.