About and Mission


What is Mental Health Peer?

Mental health Peer is a FREE online based coaching service.  We provide our clients services through email sessions.  This is an effective way to keep your privacy while getting mental health coaching.  Speaking with others is a therapeutic way to express yourself. Keep your identity private while conveying your thoughts or feelings.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a rapport with our clients and to create a safe environment while expressing your feelings, notions and perception of things.


Who Mental Health Peer will Benefit:

Mental Health Coaching is not for everyone but it may help those who may already go to some type of therapy.  May it be a psychiatrist, counselor or any other type of therapist.

If you just need someone to talk to and choose not to go to any outside therapy

If you just have a few questions every now and then and need other opinions

Who this may not benefit:

Anyone who has SI(suicidal ideation) or HI(homicidal ideation)

If you are experiencing any of these thoughts please go to your nearest Emergency Room.