ASMR: One Coping Skill You May Not Know About

A Coping Skill that Some Might Find to Be Weird: ASMR


We all know that practicing our coping skills is great for keeping a positive mental health.  Many write in their journals, color, paint or even meditate.  These are all awesome coping skills and they can work very well for some of us.  Well today I’m gonna let you in on a secret coping skill.

Well it may not be a secret but I don’t find many people talking about it.  In fact most people that have never heard of it think it’s down right weird.  Are you ready? OK. Here it goes.  ASMR.  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.



Now as you may or may not have known ASMR comes in many forms.

Just simply put in a search in Youtube will get you an abundance of results.  In laymen terms it’s basically explained by getting a nice tingling feeling by listening to sounds.


There are all types of ASMR videos out there.  There  are some that’s focus on the sounds of different objects and there are also some that focus on the sound of eating foods.  It’s  a great tool for relaxation and calming the mind.  It’s actually a phenomenon in it’s own right so not everyone will understand it or experience it.  IF you find that you love the sounds that the rain makes hitting the roof or the sounds of thunder and wave crashing into rocks.  That’s ASMR.


I find watching Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos very calming after a stressful day. If you have anxiety, stress or panic attacks take some time to figure out if listening to ASMR videos will work for you.

Below comment what are some of your favorite ASMR channels and how watching these videos have affected your life?

Check out these videos and see if they work for you.




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