Depression: How to Deal…….. Just For Today. 6 Ideals You Need to Try

Depression: How to deal.

6 Tips I use to get through


Just for Today


For many depression is an ongoing and never ending battle but for some it comes and then it goes.  I go through “the blues”  at least twice in a four month period.  Some may call it seasonal depression.  Sometimes I get very down.

I work three days a week doing 12 hour shifts because that’s a part of the job but those other 4 days that I have off, I find myself in bed, curled in the fetal position.  I do nothing and I want to think of nothing.  In my mind I know it will pass.  It always passes.  For some, Depression is not forever.

Here are 6 tips to just get through TODAY.  Just remember that everyone is different. Push yourself.


Set a goal for Today:

It doesn’t have to be something time consuming.  In fact make it the easiest thing you can think of.  Get out of bed.  Go for a walk.  Wash your hair.  Brush your teeth.  And you don’t have to do them all in one day.  Just choose one.


Get your blood running.  Do Yoga.  Go to the GYM or simply do a Zumba class.

Eat Healthy Foods:

Some people are emotional eaters or they don’t eat at all.  Force yourself to eat clean.  Spinach, salmon, chamomile tea, mushrooms, bananas and blue berries.  All these foods are know to help fight depression.

Watch a Movie:

Not just any movie.  No movies like Titanic that’s gonna have you bawling for 2 hours.  It has to be something funny.  Laughing helps the soul.  So turn on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or even YouTube.  Stepbrothers or Kung Fu Panda are great for a good laugh.  Sit back and joy up!


Turn on some music. Pandora or Google Play and jam to your favorite channel.

Talk to Someone Positive:

Sometimes when we are down we need someone compassionate to talk to.  Its should always be a positive force in your life. Someone that lifts you up!  If you have no one then try a one on one email session with us Mental Health Peer. Its completely free.

This is the Last One:

Just Breathe.  Some days it’s okay to Just Breathe and nothing else.  Just Breathe.  Try Again Tomorrow.



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