Listen: How to Speak to Someone With Depression



Sometimes you need to stop talking and stop asking question.  You are not helping.

This is for the friends and family with someone with depression.  Learn to just Shut Up!

Support isn’t always about talking. Let’s face it some of these “supporters” are just talking too much.

More often than not someone with depression will become voluntarily mute.  They will completely shut down.  Why?  Because they’ve be labeled as lazy or been lead to believe that their depression is because of something they did wrong.

Or maybe it’s because they feel sh*tty.  Would you want to talk if you felt like the world just crumbled from under you feet.  I’ll answer that for you.  It’s No!

But sometimes and I mean like every blue moon that person may feel the need to talk.  Guys, when this happens, when this great phenomenal thing happens this is what you should do.


Yeah that’s right.  Keep your trap closed.  These people have kept their mouths closed so long, holding in all the pain.  This is the least you could do.


You are there to help and support and that does not always involve speaking.   Sometimes and by that I mean all the time all you have to do is listen.  Listen.  You don’t have to add in any words or phrases.  Just stay on the edge of your seat and listen.

When is it okay to talk you ask?  The answer is that it’s not.  When it’s time for you to respond that person will let you know what they need.  This is the type of support they need.  They don’t need someone to respond to every statement they make.  They need someone to hear them completely out.  Get everything off their chest.  Add in only when your advise is wanted.  Just shut the F**K UP and Listen.

A regret that most people seem to have is not listening.  Who do you regret not listening to?

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