Losing Weight vs. Eating Healthy-Skinny Doesn’t Equal Healthy, Fat Doesn’t Equal Unhealthy

If you want to be healthy you have to lose weight. – This is not completely true.

healthy, clean chicken salad with baby spinach and pomegranate


You do have to eat clean to be healthy.  Fat does not equal unhealthy and skinny does not equal healthy.  I’ve seen far too many skinny, small, “healthy looking” patients that are in fact very unhealthy.  High-blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, it doesn’t care about the way you look.  Lets stop everything you’re doing right now.  Go to the mirror and look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  If the answer is yes or no then f*ck losing weight!  Let’s be real. Not everyone wants to be skinny and not everyone will end up being skinny.  We live in a curvy world and we plus size girls have just as much fun as you skinny b*tches.

Just eat healthy.



Do these things:

Cut the processed foods

-If you’re not cooking it yourself it’s out.

Veggies and fruits are the best thing ever

-You can’t go wrong with any vegetables or fruits.

If you have to cook it then you may want to think twice.

-Eat foods as is. Go raw vegan


Now going raw vegan might be taking it a little too far for some of you. There are plenty of people that are fat and healthy.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re having a hard time getting around or you can’t walk more than five steps without your lungs feeling like they’re going to collapse then by all means you need to lose weight now! Like right now.

This is for the fat people that are showing no health problems other than being fat in societies eyes.  If you have gone to the doctor and have none of the medical problems that I have listed above then forget what other people say.

If you’re an unhealthy eater I’m not saying to go stuff yourself with five cheese burgers and stick with old bad habits.  I’m saying there’s plenty of fat people that over eat on healthy foods.  Be one of them.  Be proud of who you are. Love yourself.  Once you get in the habit of eating healthy, you will have control over your body. Losing or maintaining your weight will be a breeze.

If you love the way your body looks then keep the body that you want.  Changing the way you eat alone can drastically improve your mental and physical health.  I am in the process of going vegan (which means that I am currently vegetarian.)

I’ve also cut out sugars and processed foods.  Even if you don’t plan to ever go vegan or raw vegan, stop the processed foods.  You will be incredibly surprised at the differences and how much clearer your mind will become.  If you’re as skinny as a stick or tipping the scale at 300 plus pounds work with what you have right now.

Every body type gets shamed nowadays.  No matter what you look like there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like the way you look.

I want you to check out this YouTuber Edyn Jacks.  She is a fat vegan.  She doesn’t eat any animals or animal by products.  Her main focus is body positivity and not giving a sh*t about what people think.  Now her videos are a bit lengthy but I think she’s great and the cutest thing ever.

How has going vegan or eating healthier foods impacted your mental health?


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