Stress: I’m NOT Going To Let it Stress Me Today

Today is not the day for Stress!!!



There is nothing on my list today to cause me stress.  Well maybe there is but today I’m not going to let it suck me in!


What’s not gonna stress me today.

Now I know that we’ve all been through this.  You come to work after a rough night and you think to yourself that today is going to be a good day.  You put up an effort to make your job exciting.

That’s when you walk in behind your coworker and find that somehow after 12 hours of working they’ve found a way to leave you with work that should have been completed by them.

I’m sure I know your first thought after this happens.

WTF. Right?

Yea, that’s exactly what I thought.  And do you know what she had the nerve to tell me. These are her exact words.  “I didn’t want you to be bored.”  Can you believe it?  What kind of garbage is that?  This is something that ran me hot.( It really burned my a**hole). Who the heck is she to think she can leave work for me to do.  I have my own work load.

So anyway I let this bother me for a while.  It was three months to be exact.  Three months of telling her that I wouldn’t be bored.  Three months of hoping that she’s not the person I have to relieve day after day.  Three months of being upset over something I had no control over.  I finally realized that I was letting my thoughts drive me when it was me who should have been driving my thoughts.  I was choosing to be angry over this.  Choosing to be upset with her was what I was doing and I was choosing to let it ruin the job that I love so much.

When I made the choice to just let it go my world shifted.  Showing up to work and doing what was required of me was all that needed to be done.  I do my paper work and I take care of my patients then I get to go home.  I choose to do the best work that I am able to.

That’s it.  There is nothing more.  If I chose so, my coworker has no dominion over what I feel.

So as for me and mine this is what’s not going to stress me today.

What’s not going to stress you today?





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