Fears of Checking Yourself into a Hospital

The fears of admitting yourself in the hospital for psychiatric issues.





Tammy: The test results just came back and they said that I have cancer.

Mark: Wow! I’m sorry to hear that.  How will your doctors treat it.  Will you have chemo, radiation or both?

Tammy: O. No, I won’t be doing either.  Both of those treatments scare me to death.  Plus I have to work. I can’t be out of work from being sick from chemo.

Mark: Oh

Do you see anything wrong with this picture.  It’s pretty dumb right.  She has a life threatening illness but she refuses treatment because she thinks it’s going to have bad effects on her health and life.

We are treating our own mental health in this exact way.  People are having suicidal ideation and they are in fear of things that are by no means more important than their life.

Far to many times I have sat with a newly admitted patient and some of there first concerns are: How long will I be here? They have the need to get back to work or finish their school finals.  When in fact those are some of the very reasons why they needed to come to the hospital in the first place.  It is precisely those things that are stressing them out.

Guys and Ladies!  This should not be your first concern.  Without your life your job nor your school will have no use for you, they will continue to move on.  SI is a highly fatal illness and it should be treated as such.  For those of you who have fears of checking yourself in the hospital here are some things you can expect.

#1   Clothes:

For the most part they will only let you keep a few clothes.  Keep it simple. No strings in your clothing or shoe strings.  Pack some slip-ons or some type of house shoes.

#2    This is not a prison:

In many facilities patients are not able to leave until the doctor discharges you.  Keep in mind that this is for your safety only.

#3    Time

They will not keep you there forever, just until things get a little better.

#4    Selfishness

This is the time to be selfish.  Practice self-love and self-care.


Of course this is not everything.  If you have any specific question about other things to expect email me at pleshette@mentalhealtpeer.com

Comment below about some of your better experiences in a hospital. Lets keep it positive!

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